Founded in 2010, Drifters Garage provides automobile restoration, custom body work, professional paint, general maintenance, and more for the North County in Southern California! Ron Stahr and his seasoned mechanics are experts in the auto industry.

Ron's love of classic automobiles started with his father and has continued to grow and bring him and others joy for more than half of a century now! What hasn't changed is his work ethic and commitment to providing to highest quality of work and a sense of community for classic automobile enthusiasts.

Inspired by the Drifter's Racing Club

Drifters Garage was inspired by the 1940–50's Drifters Racing Club in Redondo Beach, CA. Ron Stahr's father was also an auto enthusiast, passing down his love of automobiles and his beloved 1928 Ford Model-A Roadster Pickup, that is featured by Drifters in many photographs and on our classics roadshow tour.

SUPER CHEVY  |  May 1996

Our Commitment

Our customers trust and love our work because of our work ethic, quality, and attention to detail. We work with each and every customer to tailor the car or truck specific to their tastes and personality. Your ride is an extension of you, and we work tirelessly to make that show.

Drifters First Magazine Cover – May 1996

Drifters Garage owner, Ron Stahr, has over 40 years of experience working in body repair, restoration, racing, and the auto industry. In 1996, he had his first magazine cover on SUPER CHEVY featuring this 1955 Chevrolet rebuild. Now Ron owns Drifters Garage in Escondido, CA and builds automobiles for drivers around the country!

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