At Drifters Garage, we are masters of auto restoration, body work, professional paint, engine tuning, and more. We proudly stand by all of our work!



We offer the highest quality restoration and rebuild services for classic cars and trucks. We'll find just the car or truck you're looking for to ensure we get to body, engine, and other parts that meet our quality requirements.

After that it comes back to the garage for body work, priming, painting, engine tuning, and more!


PRIMED AND READY. Our paint services include sanding, priming, and multiple layers of high quality paint, custom graphics, and weather sealants. Paint protects your auto body and we stand by doing the right way.

If we're doing a full paint job, well strip off old paint and ensure the body is protected. It also improves the consistency and quality of the top layers.



A tremendous amount of love and care goes into the body of each car or truck. Whatever the condition, our fully equipped garage and metal working shop are capable of restoring the vehicle body to its original beauty.


Drifters started with racing and we hold true to that even today. Our engine experts and in-house dyno are put to good use tweaking and optimizing cars for racers and speed-junkies alike. 

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Whether you drive a classic or not, we're fully equipped and experienced in body repair, engine tuning, and more. From minor engine or body maintenance to major body work and collision repairs, we put the same love and care into all of the automobiles that come through the garage.