Have Questions? We've Got Answers For you!

Many of our customers come to us with general questions about purchasing, owning, and maintaining classic cars, trucks, and race cars. We're here to help you and take the guessing out of it. We love to share our passion and love for classic automobiles and help you feel better equipped to get behind the wheel of your dreams!

  • How much will my classic automobile cost?

    Many of the folks we talk to have a desire to own a classic car, but think that it's just too expensive for them.

    Owning a classic car doesn't have to be a financial burden. It's supposed to be fun, exciting, and something to be proud of. We look at our classics as investments that increase in value over time.

    And you can actually own a classic car for a lot less than you'd think. Starter classics can be built in the range of $10,000 to $25,000. It really just depends on what you're looking for and what your budget is.

  • How can I make sure to protect my car and my investment?

    Owning a classic car is a lot like owning a new car, except better! Okay, you caught us. We're biased!

    If you change the oil regularly, rotate the tires when necessary, and take it in for routine maintenance when something seems amiss, the upkeep on a classic car isn't much to worry about. We can answer a lot of your questions based on your specific automobile. Give us a call or contact us!

    Other than that, buy some extra wax and spend your free time with your new baby!

  • How can I increase the life of my classic automobile?

    Change the oil regularly. Rotate the tires. Don't yell at her if she acts up!

    Classics are an investment. If you take good care of your cars—and we know you do—then just give it a little extra attention now and then. But it's really very similar to owning any other car.

  • How can I start participating in classic car shows and tournaments?

    Classic car shows are a fun and exciting part of being a classic car or truck enthusiast. Entry fees are generally pretty small. You can usually start competing in local car shows for less than $100.

    After all it's not about the money. It's about sharing our love for fine automobiles that stand the test of time. And... a little recognition for being best in show :).

  • What car or truck do I really want to drive?

    We get asked this question ALL THE TIME. And it's a tough one.

    It really depends on your specific car tastes and experiences through the years.

    Do you want to own that 1970 Dodge Charger R/T that was your first car and you let get away?
    Or would you rather have a speedy rebuilt C10 Pickup 4x4 on a Corvette Chassis.

    It's really up to you.

    When most folks look into their first classic, they generally want a car or truck that they have a personal connection with. Maybe it was their family car growing up, or their first car when they hit the road. If you want some examples or ideas, feel free to ask!

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